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Rockfact presents: Anthem For A Dying Day/Lost In Torment/Sacrificed With A Scythe


Anthem For A Dying Day:
- Kevin Rauber (Vocals)
- Luca Forgia (Guitar)
- Tomek Janus (Guitar)
- Guillaume Fricker (Bass)
- Moritz Sack (Drums)

Genre/Herkunft: Metal/Zürich

Anthem For A Dying Day is more than just a band. It's a bundle of pure energy consisting of five young lads from Switzerland, a band of brothers sticking together through thick and thin. A well-defined “in your face”-mentality is as important to their signature as well as a diversity of shattering and exciting riffs in the great style of modern metal bands.

Rebellious and alive to make a statement, Anthem For A Dying Day is bringing back the metal-attitude that most bands nowadays are lacking: Reckless, loud and without compromises. Down to earth, always good for a laugh and connected with their fanbase, the boys made it clear that diva-tantrums and a stuck-up behaviour is a no-go for them. Unrestrained motivation and determination let them enter the Swiss metal scene with a foot in the door and their ambitions will carry them further.

Rumor has it that the working process for their first album is at go... After a year full of development and changes in 2016 they are back in the ring to fulfill our own vision of Metal music; From uplifting melodies to explosive breaks, this band delivers everything they’ve got for a perfect mix of Modern Metal with Metalcore influences. With a very unique style that equally strikes with melodious leads and harsh rhythmic, this band knows how to deliver a show that you will not forget.


Lost In Torment:

Dino - Vocals
Leuti - Lead Guitar
Walti - Rhythm Guitar
Mirco - Bass Guitar
Dome - Drums

Breakdowns, Blast Beats und eine gute Portion Selbstironie: Dafür steht Lost In Torment, eine aufstrebende lokale Deathcore-Band aus Basel.


Sacrificed With A Scythe:
- Ramon (Drums)
- Suphachai (Guitar)
- Yannick (Guitar/Cleans)
- Josh (Bass)
- Mike (Vocals/Lyrics)

Genre/Herkunft: Hardcore/Thrash / Zürich

In 2015 Yannick and Lea (Both Guitar) decided to form a band. They found Kasi (Vocals) and Ramon (Drums). The four musicians met in a band room, which Ramon previously rented itself, but they were incomplete. Yannick invited Josh to play the bass guitar. After 2 months Lea left the band because she could not identify herself with the sound and the lyrics. A substitute was quickly found with Suphachai, a former bandmate of Josh's ex-band The Raging Pigs. In May 2017 their first EP came out!

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